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Quirky Files
  20th November, 2019
Had a fair number of stumbles with Super Secret Side Project, yesterday.


I've been trying my best to fit the top-menu part of the GUI to fit onto any res/ratio, but I think I'm going to officially give up trying to fit it into Portrait/Phone sizes.
It just is NOT going to work, when all of the buttons are squeezed into such a small single GUI Bar.

Landscape or Go Home!!

File saving and loading was tested and retested.
File renaming is working.
LocalStorage is also working, just like it does in Shoebox.
You can refresh the page, or go away and come back later, and the file and your edits will still be there. (Assuming you're using the same browser!!)

Loading is done by picking a file from your harddrive, or making use of iOS's "Files" functionality.
Saving is similarly done using the "Download" method.
And in the meantime, every change will be stored to LocalStorage.

Not really sure what I'm doing about Undo, right now, though.
Should I dump a bunch of archive files into LocalStorage..?
Or maybe just store them in giant arrays?
Who knows..

All that is in the future, though.
For now, I have to make a start on the editor itself, the main GUI layout, and the feasibility of the actual aim of the project.

Yup.. A long road ahead.

Super Secret Side Project : 10%

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