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Slow Day...
  21st November, 2019
Back to another slow day, yesterday, as I struggled to get much of anything done.
I think I *might* be trying to squeeze too many projects into a week, right now, but Super Secret Side Project has me doing side-tweaks when I'm supposed to be resting!


Instead, yesterday I had a "No Laptop" day, and it went fairly smoothly, allowing me to catch up on the usual Thursday content.
Socoder's Newsletter is ready to be posted, as is the ALChoon for the week.
Then it's back to whatever coding needs to be done today.

The Petit Switch game for the week needs finished off.
The gameplay feels great, but there's no end-of-level cycle, which it definitely needs.
After that, back to last week's unfinished Shoebox game, and then the next Browsercade one!
It never ends in the crazy world of four-games-a-week!!

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