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Wasted Hours
  22nd November, 2019
I spent about 4 hours sat watching nothing happen, yesterday, and drew image after image after image, with nothing seemingly working, before ultimately giving up.

What was I doing..?!


iOS Dev, of course!

The MacMini took AGES to crawl up to speed, again.
Are ALL Macs that slow to boot up?

Once all was fully (mostly) operational, it was a simple case of Open Project, Hit Compile, then wait another 2 hours for the iPhone Simulator to boot up.

No matter what I try to do, I can't seem to get SpikeDislike2 to show up fullscreen on the iPhone 11 Max Mega Pro Big edition. (Emulated, of course.. I'm not made of money!!)

There's ALWAYS a small gap at the top and bottom, where the iPhone is ignoring the app, and scaling it down to previous iPhone resolutions.
I'm not what's going on.
Previously (about 2013 or so) all I had to do was add a launch screen, and it'd bump up the screen size for the difference between iPhone Classic and (IIRC) iPhone 5.
One image added, and it'd go "Oh, hey, I should use that space!"

But that doesn't seem to be happening here.

I have a feeling that the issue might be deeper than just an image, and may in fact be down to the 2013 XCode project.
I might have to start a new project from scratch, but still.. somehow.. get all the old stuff working within it.

I haven't a bloomin' clue what I'm doing!!

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