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Tiredness in the Extreme
23rd November 2019  
I'm starting to think it might be the new tablets.


I woke up this morning feeling absolutely exhausted.
The second morning of the week that I've needed a coffee to perk me up.
I'm currently on two of the diabetes tablets, with the threat of more, and it's slightly worrying to think that this could get any worse.

There'll be no Shoebox game, again, this week.

Yesterday, in the time I probably should've been tackling the game, I instead sat and watched the whole Election Debate thing.
2 Hours+ of politics (with the inevitable hour or so of trawling twitter, and reading thoughts) is more than enough for me, for the year!

I need to switch off from all that, and focus back on the "normality" of making oodles of games every week.

So, only three games this week.
Sorry about that.

Hopefully next week will be a bit better.
I'll try my best to get my sleep pattern back to some kind of normality, and try to figure out how to wake my head out of this funk that it's currently in.

Ugh.. Health!!

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