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24th November 2019  
Two fairly significant upgrades yesterday, but all background/framework stuff, and no actual progress on any games. Eeek!



Foldapuz got a minor background upgrade, yesterday.
Nothing that users will see, but I've enhanced the method used to cache the puzzles. There's now a simple admin page, that runs a complete scan of every single possible puzzle, pre-caching each and every one of them.

Takes about 10 minutes to cache the whole lot, but from there on, any puzzle page requests are infinitely faster for the user.

.. Still haven't solved that "Large Image = Memory Leak" issue, but I'm 99.9% sure that's a PHP bug, not anything I've done!

Petit Switch

One thing that neither my Petit or Browsercade frameworks have, is a Level Select.
Browsercade "should" be able to make use of Shoebox's "grid of 5x5 levels" layout, but it has no functionality when you're using a controller.
As such, I've had it in mind to rewrite the thing from scratch, making it a little more functional for button controls.

Yesterday, I opted to make a start on that, but rather than doing it for Browsercade, I oddly chose to do it in Petit Switch first!
The menu seems to function well enough, and I've added a load/save routine to handle things, too.

I should probably double check the Random Seed stuff in Petit Switch, so that randomly generated levels can be reproduced for each "Level" in the selection page, but other than that, it's ready to go.
Now I just need to redo that in Browsercade, and then start making oodles of puzzle games!!

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