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26th November 2019  
1. Late last night, I remembered that RSKGames had posted his thoughts on Army of Flags, last week. I clicked to allow the comment, and thought to myself "I'll post that, later" and then completely forgot about it!
Sorry, RSKGames!!
I'll do that in a bit.


2. A new Foldapuz game was hastily cobbled together yesterday, so I need to do the writeup for that.
I'll do that in a bit, too.

3. Most of the new features have been added to my Petit Switch framework are all seemingly working fine.
I appear to be getting the same set of "random" numbers from Petit Switch, BlitzMax, Monkey-X, PHP and Javascript, which is lovely!!
.. Now all I need to do is write another 100 games!

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New games every week!
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