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Player Thoughts - Army of Flags
26th November 2019  
As the influx of games continues, so do the Player Thoughts.

This week, RSKGames takes a look at the Army of Flags.


Played the game without watching the youtube trailer so it was a pleasant surprise to figure out by accident how the hearts spread in the game worked. One big heart replenishes the 5 small hearts.


Whilst playing the Petit Switch edition (a few weeks ago) I found myself wishing I could respawn some of my troops, but .. How to do that?!
When I started this edition, I had that idea firmly in mind. This is why the "Drop Flags" button has been added, too, so that you can drop anything that isn't currently any use.

I'd like to have added even more objects to carry/drop, but couldn't think of any!!

The soldier animations carrying the flag is very well done. The 5 small hearts visible when soldiers are static looks good.

I'm slightly worried that the 5 hearts display might be a teensy bit "too" small when playing on a smaller device, but... yeah, it seems like it's probably readable enough.

I'm not doing a very good job of making all these games work well on phones, am I?

Dropping the flag is a good feature which I used when in trouble. Not able to shoot when carrying the flag makes this game a nice action strategy game.

This was an absolutely essential button to add. Otherwise it was all too easy to accidentally pick up a Heart, and then have to carry it around with no purpose!!

If soldiers don't pick the flag automatically and required a key press to pick the flag then it would have been a lot easier to clear the area of enemy soldiers and then pick the flags safely.

True, but also you can hold the Drop button, and carry on moving/shooting.
If I made it a separate pickup button, then you'd end up having to use three buttons (shoot, pickup, drop) instead of just two (shoot, drop)
I really don't like making games with too many buttons

The background military style music is awesome.

All it takes is the right Snare drum!

Overall a very fun and enjoyable game.

Glad you enjoyed it.
More to come

You can Play Army of Flags in the Browsercade on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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