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Advent Incoming
  30th November, 2019
With all the game making I HAVE done this year, you might be somewhat surprised to find out that I haven't actually made an Advent Collexion this year.
Sorry about that.


Over at SoCoder there's now a traditional "Advent of Creativity" thread, where we try to do something creative every day over advent.
As such, over the coming weeks, I should have .. Something.. interesting to post, whether it be a new game or whatever.

This is as close as you'll be getting to a true Advent Collexion, and I'll try my best to keep things as playable as possible, but .. without having actually planned anything at all, whatsoever, this could all go crazily bad!!

Other than that... I'm going to stop, here, for the rest of the year.
I've made 128 games, so far, this year. And .. I think that's plenty!!

I'm so tired!!!

Right then.. Advent..
Merry Christmas, everybody!

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