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1st December 2019
v1.10 - Added the timeless classic puzzle, Vexed

Move the blocks left and right to match up the colours and make them disappear.

You can Play Vexed in the Shoebox in the Misc section.


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What I Didn't Do

.. Puzzobomb..!

I was REALLY tempted to make this Puzzobomb, but I don't have nearly enough levels to make that worthwhile.
There's two ways to make a proper Puzzobomb.
1. Sit there and make 750 levels by hand
2. Come up with a decent level generator.

And, so far, I've not managed to make a level generator that works very well at all. It consistently comes up with REALLY stupidly simple puzzles, and those really don't do for this type of game.

Maybe I'll work on that, though. It would be nice to finally have a decent set of Puzzobomb levels.

Instead, the levels within are all sourced from the classic Vexed game on Sourceforge.

You can Play Vexed in the Misc section of the Shoebox.
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