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A Maze Thing
  2nd December, 2019
Spent a few hours, yesterday, working on a better Maze Generator.
I was planning to integrate it into Foldapuz, last night, but lazyitis took control, and that never got done!


Today, I'll be playing with Foldapuz, then.
Bulking up the few Maze games that are already in the engine, and making everything a little more interesting.

I should also think about coming up with a new game for Foldapuz for the week, but I should also try not to overdo things during my Advent period, so .. who knows!

Additionally, I've not yet made a Browsercade game.
Am I still trying to do all those, each week?
Bit crazy with all the Advent stuff, too.
Not sure.

I'm freestyling!

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