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Upload Day!
6th January 2020  
Welcome back to AGameAWeek, and the first game you'll be playing if you don't have Petit Switch.
This morning I need to double check the gameplay on Jumping Jack, then get it all uploaded, take a video, upload that, then faff about with all the blog stuff.



Once all that's done, it's time to sit and think about a Foldapuz game for the week.
Not a bloomin' clue what I'll be doing, there, though.

For Xmas I got a lovely Page-A-Day calendar featuring a little pen and paper puzzle each day, and I was hoping that it might spawn a few ideas along the way (*yoink!*)
Unfortunately, the puzzles so far are quite well made, and aren't exactly suited to being randomly generated.
Hopefully there's more usable ideas later on in the calendar, but for now it's back to my usual thing of searching the net and trying to find ideas!

Wish me luck..

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