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The Week is Nearly Over
  9th January, 2020
Tonight I'll be posting this week's Petit Switch game, and then..
The week is over!


This year, I'm not going to be doing a Saturday Shoebox release, and will instead be switching things up on Mondays. One week a Browsercade, the next a Shoebox, and on and on like that.
It means I'm no longer FREAKING OUT at the weekend, having to finish one, and start another, and get them all done super quick.
I can spend a little more time, lovingly crafting the silly little games that we all know and love.

So, today's plan is..
1. SoCoder Newsletter
2. Finish off "Meteor Protector" (still not happy with that name..)
3. Start something for Monday.

But what to start..!?

I'm REALLY tempted to do something with the Five Blocks concept, turning it into a nice little Shoebox title.
Not sure..
We'll see how the weekend goes.

Happy Weekend, everybody!! (What day IS it, anyway!?!)

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