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10th January 2020  
.. If only that was "Money!" and not "trying to update the cache for Shoebox"


Spent a good few hours last night learning about Service Worker, the do's and don't's, and all the many ways that it's frustratingly more complicated than just making a list, like AppCache used to be.

Although I did eventually get my own stuff "almost" working, I've instead opted to make use of a script called "UpUp", which minimises all the code and .. makes it work gooderily! (/betterer)

The test version is in the testing arena, and I've tested everything multiple times, so I *think* it's good to go, but I didn't want to launch it late last night, just in case I'd messed something up.

I'll probably do the final upload at some point today, but more testing will, of course, be done before I do.
Suffice to say, updates should be easier in future, and hopefully the site should be a little more future-proof.


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New games every week!
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