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12th January 2020
v1.30 - Added the puzzle game Handlink.

Light up five of the handlink's buttons so that all the surrounding values become zeroes.
Each value states how many squares in its row/column should be lit up, and will change along with your pushes, so a bit of analysis should allow you to solve the puzzle well enough.

You can Play Handlink in the Shoebox, under the Misc Games section.


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What I Didn't Do

Not a lot I didn't do, this week.

This game started as a redo of this week's "Five Blocks" game in Foldapuz, and the second I started making it into light-up buttons instead of just blocks, I knew exactly what style the game absolutely had to take.

I did steal a bunch of sound effects from Quantum Leap, as well as the overall look of the Handlink.. Great apologies to all at Belisarius Productions and Universal Television.

If anyone ever complains, I'll happily replace them with my own little sounds, but it was just TOO perfect not to add them in!
Best played in portrait mode, on your phone, going "boop-boop-bippity-boop" and pretending you're Al!
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