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A Productive Day
14th January 2020  
The Foldapuz game took a while to get started, mostly because I didn't have a bloomin' clue what to do. I'm definitely starting to run out of ideas for that thing.
Might be time to think about retiring it, or at the very least, not forcing myself to come up with something every single week.


After that was done, the suggestion box came together fairly well. Rather than create something brand new, I instead opted to tweak the Comments section slightly, to create a suggestion box.
They're all in the same database, but the presentation is different.

Currently I've disabled viewing of suggestions, but .. maybe that's not such a great idea?
Perhaps it might be better if people could see previous suggestions, and expand on ideas already in the box.

Let me know in the comments, if you think they should be visible or not.

Today's Plan...

Time to start on a new Petit Switch game, but what game to make?
Not a clue..
Not in the slightest.

My old list of "AGameAWeek games that would work well on PetitSwitch" is now getting a little bit small!
There's still a few oddballs in the list, though, like Generic Snake Clone and Invisible Munky.

Generic Snake Clone takes quite a while to do, since it has a bunch of elements that need putting together.
Invisible Munky is quite a bit simpler to do, gameplay wise, but doesn't really work without Munky sound effects!! Not really sure on what direction to take that, if I'm honest.


Maybe something new and original..

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