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Busy Thursday..
  16th January, 2020
Not a fan of Thursdays. Why do they always make Thursdays so busy!?

SoCoder Newsletter, ALChoon, PetitSwitch game, and I also have to go for another blood-test, too.
So many things to do!


The PetitSwitch game is playable, but I'd like to add some trees or flowers or something, just to make things a little more interesting to look at.

The SoCoder newsletter's done, and the ALChoon's ready to go, so it's pretty much just the stumble to the Doc's and back that I "really" have to deal with, today.
That's usually about 2 or 3 hours of exhaustion that I have to cope with, but hopefully I'll find the time to finish off the PetitSwitch game, and get it uploaded later tonight.


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