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Player Two?
  17th January, 2020
I'm slightly tempted to make a particular game for Browsercade, this week, but it really needs multiplayer (Local, via plugging in extra gamepads!) and if I'm being honest, my gamepad support still isn't quite as good as it should be.


The game idea is a lovely concept that I've done once before, but haven't attempted again since, because.. again.. it would work better in Multiplayer!!

I'll probably also end up making that game for PetitSwitch, too, but with exactly the same issue.
Neither my Browsercade nor PetitSwitch framework support multiplayer, and really, they should..
I definitely need to add that.

So, instead of doing the game immediately, I'll probably tackle something else, and give myself a couple of weeks of "background tweaking" to get the multiplayer support working.

2.5 days to get a game coded, and no idea what it'll be..
Aaaah, the good old AGameAWeek vibes kicking in!

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