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  22nd January, 2020
Michael Fernie suggested that when he plugs a gamepad into Browsercade, it no longer works properly.


Testing indeed showed this to be the case. Although it "kinda" tries, it doesn't succeed.
Annoyingly, it works more or less flawlessly when I use a gamepad in Edge Chromium, but broken in Chrome.
.. And Firefox.

I haven't been testing thoroughly enough.

So, with that in mind, I think it's probably a good time to rewrite my controller code for Browsercade.
See if I can get things to work a little more automagically, and maybe add a better controller-config screen than the one that's already there.

I'll also give the whole "Local Multiplayer" thing a try, whilst I'm at it, as it'd be nice to have the option to play some of the game ideas in multiplayer mode.

Plenty to get on with, then..
And a menu to work on.
.. Ugh!!

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