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28th January 2020  
v0.075 - More waffle about Starting
For the past couple of months, I've had the plan of a "One Touch Games" framework in mind, but couldn't ever decide on the best name for such a domain.
A week or two ago, I just figured "To hell with it", and opted for instead.!


If you've played SpikeDislike2, you'll know the sort of games I'll be aiming for. Anything that plays entirely with a single button, and that doesn't need much more than that.
Hoppy Bobby, maybe a new Flappyness, the generic helicopter game. Games like that will eventually start appearing in the new SpikeDislike framework.
On top of that, there'll be "Challenge Mode" levels, too, but I'm not entirely sure where to put them, yet.

For now it'll be a simple SpikeDislike framework. I need to get the music organised, then start adding in some new themes and such, and once the site's growing to a decent size I'll start bundling in even more oddities.

I'm expecting to do maybe a theme a week, or something like that. It shouldn't end up being "too" hard to make these, but.. Well.. You never know!!

You can Play SpikeDislike in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet. Be sure to "Add to Homescreen" for quick access while you're on the toilet!

In the meantime, I did some nice jiggery-pokery to the way the framerate works in the new engine, and should probably transfer that back to the Browsercade/Shoebox ones, too.
If nothing else, it makes things run much smoother on Firefox.

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