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A Bit of A Do
  29th January, 2020
Michael Fernie posted to the suggestion box..

Mr Do type game

Another fun game we used to play all the time. Sort of like Dig Dug but I liked this better. Loved being able to throw the ball and have it bounce thru tunnels you made.


I did one of these a few years ago, during 2014, The Year of Platdude!
You can Play Platdude in A Bit of A Do here, in multiple formats. Aaah, OUYA.. *hugs small cube*

As Michael rightly suggests, it's the sort of game that would definitely suit the Browsercade, so ... Yeah, I think that's probably the game to tackle over the next few days.


I've been tweaking the SpikeDislike engine quite a bit. There are credits in the Options screen, now! ooooh!

And the steadier framerate that works well on Firefox as been rejigged over to both Browsercade and Shoebox, so everything flows that little bit neater.
All is good..

Except that weird bug I'm having with iOS.
If you "Add to Homescreen" the Browsercade or SpikeDislike, then switch to a different app, then switch back, the Browsercade/SpikeDislike seems to crash in a really odd way.
I'm not entirely sure why that's happening.
The most obvious way to solve it would be to plug the iPad into the Mac and do some debugging, but I'm not entirely sure how I'm supposed to do that, when the app isn't "An App".

Plus, when I try to use Safari on Mac to debug, the thing that you click to select iPad Debugging keeps flickering off and on all the time, like it's struggling to connect to my iPad properly. Not sure what that's all about, but that's definitely not my fault, as it even happens if I navigate to Google.com.


Errors all over the place!

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