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29th January 2020  
v0.082 - Tweaking the Framework
Lots of internal tweaks to the engine, today.
The game now records your highest combo, and places that alongside your highscore in the saves. This means that, when necessary, I can pop that up on the screen.

Your last score on the scoreboard is now highlighted and bounces to and fro, to stand out on the list.
I do miss having that in the Browsercade.
.. Maybe I should try to figure out a way to do that, but Browsercade's save data is there for lots of different types of games, and having a Top 10/Last 10 score list in the values isn't always achievable.
But it would be nice..


"Score Grid"

There's a little green box in the middle of the scoreboard-bar, and tapping that will present you with an exceptionally bland looking text screen with your highscores/combos for every level available.

Feel free to Screengrab + Share this with all your friends.
I'm aiming to make this look better.. .. Because right now it doesn't!!


I've tweaked the main game engine to allow me to specify BPM for the bounce.
Usually I just shove a random number in there (4.0 was the "bounce speed" of the original, and 6.3 for SpikeDislike 2)

But after a little maths, I'm now able to put in a specific BPM and have it work out the Bounce Speed from that.
This means I can now "attempt" to sync the ball with the music.
You should hopefully find that the first bounce is at least in sync (syncopated to the beat!), but without doing any horrible nasty hacks to the ball's speed, I opted not to "force" the ball to keep time.
If there are any glitches in the framerate, they'll slowly drift the bounces out of sync.

Any framerate glitching can impact the game speed or the music speed in curious ways, so it's not always a good idea to try to keep them in line.
I will, of course, be attempting to make things as stable as I can, but for now, it'll have to do!

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