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Good Game!!
  30th January, 2020
This week's Petit Switch game's turned out alright. It's not the greatest looker, but gameplay wise it's really nice and playable.

Odd thing is, that the player needs to collect batteries to keep their energy charged, but the game is called "Oxygen Depletion". .. I might need to rename it!

I'm slightly tempted to do the game for Browsercade, too, but I've been poked and prodded into Doing the Do, like Betty Boo, instead...



There's reports of stuttering in the SpikeDislike framework, especially in Chrome, so I think I'll probably have to look into doing some Delta timing stuff, to try and keep everything a teensy bit smoother.
The hard part will be trying to keep the music and the bouncing in sync, without making it feel like the flow of the ball is being interfered with.

Having the game stutter is one thing, but having the engine fake mid-frames, and end up killing you because of what "IT" did, instead of what "YOU" did, is something else entirely.
I've always felt that any stutters should be dealt with by the player, but perhaps its time to finally change my mindset on that.

I'll be trying my best not to ruin the experience, but it definitely needs to be worked out.

On top of that, I need to figure out the best way that I can implement multiple themes into the engine, without requiring half-a-dozen downloads for all the possible results. Cramming things into spritesheets is much harder when the backgrounds are so bloomin' large!!
I'll definitely need to think long and hard about how to implement it properly.

Plenty to do..

Oh, and it's Thursday, too. GAH!!

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