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SDCom - Added Point Swoopy Things
1st February 2020  
v0.085 - Added the little flying point doohickeys
If you're a fan of Classic SpikeDislike, and miss those things that fly across the screen with the number of points you just earned, you'll be happy to know I've added them into!

I've not yet added a menu option to turn them off again, though, so you'll just have to put up with them for the next day or so, depending on when I get around to doing that.


I've also done a HUGE amount of work on all the graphic files, making things much easier for future tweaks.
I've made spritesheets that can hold 16 lots of Ball/Spike graphics, and then a separate set of spritesheets to hold the parallaxing backgrounds and floors.

Any additional sprites will have to be worked out as and when I come to them, but given that each graphical style contains 8 sprite slots for the ball (and most of the time the ball is a single sprite!) I'll be able to use those spare spaces for adding in other elements.

Also also, I've also zoomed out the game a teensy little bit to make it look a bit more like SpikeDislike2. Hopefully that's not too distracting.

Also also also, I changed the ball's bounce height by around about 6 pixels, to allow the ball to Just About make the bounce over a pink spike.
The two "challenge" bounces are jumping over the high pink, and under the low cyan (light blue).

Getting a bit more SpikeDislikeLike, now!

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