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Rest Day
  2nd February, 2020
Migraine = Chill out with Hours of Red Dwarf


Didn't get an awful lot done, yesterday.
I spent most of the daytime tweaking the SpikeDislike engine, but after that my head seemed to take one of those turns that Migraine-prone heads do, and I decided to just shut down for the night.

Opting to watch the entire Series 3 of Red Dwarf in one night, my mind feels quite a bit more alert, this morning.

I've two things to tackle, today.
1. Finish off Do-Clone.
2. See if I can figure out why the "Add to HomeScreen" editions of Spike/Browsercade keeps crashing if you switch between apps.
Bit of an odd bug I have, there, and the more I look into it, the less I seem to be able to figure it out.

It's almost as if iOS ISN'T sending any information to the browser, and that's what's killing it.
I have a feeling there may be a divide-by-zero occurring somewhere in my scaling routine, but can't say for sure.
I do know that if you leave SpikeDislike on its menu, then switch out the app, it sometimes goes "Beep!" as it closes, suggesting the "screen" is indeed rescaling as it disappears. (The menu jumps around if you change the screen resolution)

So.. Um.. Yeah, that's probably what gave me the migraine!!
I'll tackle that later.

For now, back to doing the Do.

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