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3rd February 2020
At around about 4:30pm, yesterday, I realised my Do-Clone was probably not going to make it..


The Enemy AI is all in place, and Platdude can wander around the garden collecting fruit, but the ball hasn't been added, nor any other interactions.
There's an awful lot still to do, and I had to make the decision..
Finish off crazy-style, or set it aside and do something quickly to make a Monday Game a reality.

So, setting it aside, I whipped up "Generic Word Game" within a few hours.
If you've ever decided to trawl through the AppStore looking for Word Game ideas (and.. you know I have!!) you might've noticed this...

.. And thought "Fuxake, have none of these people any imagination?"

Well, I can no longer complain about that, because I ALSO now have no imagination!

I whipped up a clone in the space of about 3 hours, including the time it took to figure out how to find anagrams of words shorter than the given set of letters.

The game was uploaded late last night, and I then tweaked it a few times during the night as I found little tweaks to be made.
If you have any additional suggestions, let me know and I'll pop them in.

Today's tasks..
1. Post the "Words Within" game posts.
2. Make a Foldapuz game.
3. Get back to doing the Do.
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