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Back to the Do..
  7th February, 2020
Today I'll be doing the Do some more.
Last I touched it, I was up to the point where I need to play the original to see exactly how the "Extra" mechanic worked.


It's been a long long time since I last played the original (and/or the wonderful Amiga remake, Bob's Garden!) and although I vaguely remember how it worked, it's probably a good idea to do a refresher course.
Today I'll be hoping to get WinUAE up and running, and see if I can find where Bob and his Garden might be lurking within my many folders of Amiga .adf's.


I spent a good couple of hours (after waiting a couple hours more for MacOS to update itself for the umpteenth time) tweaking and prodding and poking the SpikeDislike.com script to see if I could figure out why it's doing that odd crash.

If you open the site, bookmark it to your homescreen, then run it from there, it has a really odd knack of locking up..
The "Normal" browser version doesn't, but the Homescreen version does it if you open it, switch out, switch back in, out again, then back in..
It seems to completely freeze up, and I can't for the life of me figure out where and why it's happening.

Shoebox doesn't do it, but both Browsercade and SpikeDislike do.
Those two engines use viewport scaling, whilst Shoebox doesn't, so I'm "pretty" sure it's down to that.
Having said that, it might also be an audio glitch, as I've noticed that every other switch to the app seems to be silent.

Really not sure, and having iOS refuse to show me a Console.log output, is making the debugging even harder to do.

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