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9th February 2020  
Guess who still hasn't done the "Extra" feature, yet!

If I'm honest, I might go without it. It's very very very very clone'y, right now, and the Browsercade's not supposed to be that. .. Is it?!


At the point I left the code, last night, the boulders (big blue Platdude-style spheres!) are falling but not yet damaging the enemies.
I need to finish that off, today, and then decide on what to do in place of "Extra".


I made great progress with the "Homescreen Break" thing, with SpikeDislike.
It still does it, but now it only seems to do it once!!
You can run the game, switch tasks, switch back, have it be broken, then switch away and back again, and it magically comes back to life.

That first break is still happening, and I need to figure out why, but the rest is working fine now.
.. I think!!

Incidentally, I just opened the game on my iPhone, and it's somehow managed to cache the old-old version of the menu's icons, and is showing the ones from SpikeDislike2!!
Going to have to double-check all my Caching again.

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