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  10th February, 2020
OK, back to a Shoebox game, this week.
And, already my mind is fizzling with ideas!
... For Browsercade..


Although I'm going to attempt to alternate Shoebox and Browsercade, weekly, I think that I'll probably just go with what's working at the time.
This week, my head really wants to tackle a NeonPlat game in Browsercade.
It feels like it definitely could fit in there, and I'm fairly sure it would play well, too.

At the same time, however, I'm finding myself wondering how do-able the High/Last tables might work in the Browsercade engine.
I'm currently thinking about using a separate set of data for that, so that I can include as many scoreboards that I possibly can.
It'll mean more save data, though. Am I sure I want to do that?!


That odd cache issue is still happening on my iPhone, with SpikeDislike's menu still showing the old SD2 menu icons, instead of the new ones.
It's such a bizarre issue to be having, and I'm not really sure how best to solve it other than the obvious "Just rename the file" method.

I might end up doing that, and seeing what happens to the cached files when I do.
Whether it deletes old unused cache files, or ends up filling the device with tons of leftovers.
... I certainly won't be doing THAT!

Semi-Interesting Addition

If you open SpikeDislike, and tap the "far too subtle" green box in the middle of the High/Last table, you open up the highscore-list page.
I'm still only midway through, but I did get a really nice background effect going, yesterday. (Or was it the day before?!)

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