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Today's Plan...
  12th February, 2020
I started a game thing of sorts in Petit Switch, last night. Not entirely sure where it's going.

Frog in a Hat..

Not a clue!


He hops around, and frequently loses his hat whilst doing so, so I guess that's the mechanic. I just need to figure out how and why that's happening, and then build a game around it.
How odd!

In Addition..

I need to start thinking about this Week's Shoebox game.
It'd be nice to be able to have a couple of those larger projects attempted, but I think I've built them up in my mind as being much bigger than they should be.
Maybe I should do that trademark scaling-back that I tend to do often.


FWI : Not much of anything else got done, yesterday. Lots of talking and discussing the waste of a Tribunal, and a whole bunch of grumbling around the place.

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