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Continued Controller Fixings..
19th February 2020  
A tweet from Jamie84303 last night asked for further tweaks to the Browsercade controller, this time the onscreen version.

Yup.. Looks like there's more controller stuff in my future!!


Alongside this, I have to rejig the gamepad buttons, since Michael Fernie mentioned the XBox Thumbstick Button issue.
I also realised, yesterday, that there's a teensy issue with the Redefine Keys Screen ... .. In that I removed it temporarily when fixing up the gamepad stuff, and forgot to put it back for keyboard support!


Everything appears to be screaming "Controller Fixes!", and I guess that's going to be the theme for the next day or so.


I've started remaking BlastTrax in PetitSwitch.
The track works, but now I need to add in all those baddies to shoot up along the way, as well as decide on how the scoring's going to work.
Shouldn't be too tricky, I don't think..

Certainly easier than doing all the controller stuff for Browsercade!

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