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Controller Tweaks : Part One
20th February 2020  
Yesterday was taken up with Browsercade's onscreen controllers.


When you switch on the onscreen controls, there's now a small black button at the bottom of the screen which will switch from external+windowed game, to fullscreen+overlayed controls.

This switches things from this..

.. to this...

Which may or may not help in your enjoyment of the game.
Some games work better when fullscreen, whilst others work better without having your great big stumpy thumbs splodged over the top of the gameplay.
.. And all games work better with a gamepad!

Speaking of which, today I need to focus on fixing up the gamepad's thumbstick buttons so that they don't keep pausing the game.
Shouldn't be "too" hard to fix, but it's all a bit guessworky, since Javascript only gives me numbers, not button names.

This is an annoying quirk that could easily have been fixed. With a gamepad, the button names are INCREDIBLY important.
By comparison, the keyboard returns only letters, so if I set up WASD, then anyone with an AZERTY keyboard is stuffed..
So, yeay, thanks for that Javascript...


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