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Planning Ahead
  24th February, 2020
Thursday is a trip up to Salford Royal, to get some up to date checks and stuff, so I'm probably going to have to whisk my way through the next few day's worth of content, and build up a small set of easily postable things, just in case..


I'm not expecting to have to have more than a day's worth of content at the ready, but .. Well, you never know.

I'm slightly worried that they might want to delve a little deeper into my condition, fix up the shunt a bit, and maybe even see if they can figure out what the balance/motion sickness is all about.

Honestly not sure what's going to happen, and it's slightly scary, if I'm honest.

So, today..
Foldapuz, make a start on Petit Switch, and maybe even get some of the newsletter done early.

Busy day ahead!

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