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Nearly Ready
  26th February, 2020
Busy day, yesterday, as I unexpectedly managed to get this week's Petit Switch game up to a decent standard, got that submitted, then popped to the site to blog about it..

At which point I realised I hadn't posted the Foldapuz game, yet, so had to sit here posting two games simultaneously!


Today I need to finish off the week's SoCoder newsletter, and then that's my week done.
Tomorrow's hospital day, with the fear that they keep me in for tests and other such gubbins, and even worse.. .. Operations! Eeeek!

That's probably a worst case scenario, and I don't THINK I'm a worst case! I'm probably worrying too much.
I'll be fine.
Nothing bad will happen!

.. But just incase, everything's done for this week, and I've got until Monday to get the hell out of there.
Not sure what next week's plan is.
We'll play it by ear!

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