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Browsercade - Energy Warrior
2nd March 2020  
v0.228 - Added the game Energy Warrior

Defeat the enemies with your super ray-gun. But keep an eye on your energy levels.

You can Play Energy Warrior in the Browsercade, in your Browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.


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- Move
- Fire

What I Didn't Do

Any new art! This game was hastily cobbled together at the last minute using all manner of assets from previous games.
Note how Platdude's jetpack is actually a meteor!!

This game is hard to find the right balance. Too many enemies at once results in a whole pile of batteries floating around.
I *think* I've managed to find the right balance, but if you find the game too easy, assume that's due to there being too many baddies, which is the exact opposite of what you'd expect!

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Browsercade , Shoot-em-up
New games every week!
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