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Forgetting Important Tests
  3rd March, 2020
Michael Fernie emailed yesterday to tell me that Gamepad support wasn't working in the latest Browsercade game.


I keep forgetting to double check these things, and it doesn't help that my Browsercade Controller code is kinda the same as the Petit Switch controller code, but also slightly different enough that I keep accidentally coding the wrong things for the wrong framework!!

Over in Petit Switch, analogue sticks and dpad are combined into "ButtonL/R/U/D" code, unless I turn that feature off for a specific game.
Browsercade is the opposite way around, and I need to use the alternative "CombinedX/Y" values to get everything to work properly.

I've forgotten to do this on numerous games, so far, and have to keep digging through and fixing it up.
It's a rather silly situation, and I've pretty much done this to myself.
*tsk tsk*

One day, I'll likely attempt to add Multiplayer games to either/both frameworks, and no doubt that'll make things even more chaotic.

Honestly, I really should test these things properly, but at the speed I'm coding, tests are the furthest thing from my mind.

I rely on you to let me know when things are broke, so don't ever hesitate to grumble about even the slightest issues that you find.

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