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JNK Titler - In Javascript
  4th March, 2020
v0.05 - Initial Release

The initial release, and it's working reasonably well.
I've still got tons of important stuff to do, and I need to make the randomiser a little less random, and a bit more... pretty!!

You can Play with the Titler here, in your browser, on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. (probably too cramped on a phone, though!)


Todo list


Multitouch for scaling and maybe rotation, but probably just scaling, 'cos I'm lazy like that!

Do a font list/picker thing, probably using that space at the bottom, since I don't appear to be using that for anything, any more!

Fix the issue when you try to use a £ sign, or a backslash.
I know what the issue is, it just requires a bit more rewriting to work.

Semi Important

Go through all the fonts and delete all the rubbish ones that aren't working well.
Fonts that are Outlines, and 3D-effect really don't work all that well.
Well, they kinda do, but if I add my own Outline and 3D-effect options, then they'll just break, and won't look good at all.

Less Important

Secondary Colour, Palettes, Gradients, Outlines, and maybe Bevelling and Extruding, too.
Those will come in time.

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Jnk Titler
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