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6th March 2020
A blank slate, this morning, as I try to come up with a Shoebox game to do.
I did consider getting back to finishing off The Quest, but every time I look at the code, the whole thing seems to be larger in scope than I ever imagined it might be.


I spent about half an hour or so scanning the internet for viable solo-player board games.
I'd love something to sit alongside Dice Rolls (Yahtzee!), being a random-chance skill based thing.
The problem is that every time I scour the net, the result is either a Card game or a Word game. Pretty much every Dice game ends up being just another Yahtzee clone.

What other kinds of games can I add to the Shoebox, that don't require my particularly rubbish brand of AI?
Maybe I should spend some time tackling those rubbish AI issues, instead?


I really don't have a clue what I'm doing, right now!!
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