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  7th March, 2020
Alan suggests..

Did you ever see Reiner Knizia's _Decathlon_ dice game? Go check it out on boardgamegeek. Not that you'd want to copy it wholesale, but you could get some inspiration for different ways to total dice.

PDF of the rules, and a scoresheet.


That's a nice enough gameplay concept, but jinkies!! What a complicated set of rules.

Needing a whole chunk of text and a diagram for each one of the "events" doesn't exactly lend itself to the simplicity of Shoebox.

And look at that scoresheet!!!
That's insane!!!

But the idea of event-driven dice rolling might be fun to play with, and with the possibility of adding in "gamey graphics" to the mix, I can imagine something interesting happening.

I'll definitely let this idea ferment.
Let's see what comes of it.

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