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Insomnia Strikes
  9th March, 2020
12:10am : Half asleep, forcing myself to stay away until the daily midnight Foldapuz tweet, I just about managed it, and then lay down in bed.

12:11am : Thought about circles, and what kind of number puzzles might be doable within those circles.

12:12am : A fully formed Foldapuz game idea.

3:30am : Got to sleep.


So, that's this week's Foldapuz game sorted, and today's Shoebox game has already been uploaded, too.
In a jiffy, I'll do the posts and whatnot for the Shoebox game, but will leave the Foldapuz posts for Tuesday like I normally do.

After this, time to try and come up with a good Petit Switch game, and then move onto a Browsercade for next week.

It never ends, no matter how late in the night you're awake, coding!

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