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Updating the Petit Framework
  10th March, 2020

Work continues on my bulking up of my Petit Switch Framework, with the titlescreen now looking a little more familiar to regulars.


Over the past couple of weeks, I've been building up the features on the framework, which now includes a "Save highscores when you quit" function, as well as the familiar scoreboard sidebar.

The text is a little bigger than it used to be, and I've left myself space for three whole lines of text for the titles, too! Crikey!

Once everything was up to a decent standard, I used Petit Switch's "Ctrl + 1/2/3/4/5" multi file edit mode, copy+pasted all the important changes to the framework over to file 2, then switched out file 1 for that of Alien Deathmatch, and was able to copy+paste those changes back into the 7-month old game.
A few nips and tucks to fix the bits I'd forgotten about, and then a complete overhaul of the game's graphical style, and the update was complete.

The game is updated on the server, too, so if you want to grab it using the same code (444XEP3HD) you'll find it's much easier on the eyes!!

Today I need to start on a new game... And I haven't the foggiest what that might be!

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