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More Petit Framework Work
  11th March, 2020
Spent the majority of yesterday playing with a two-player mode for my Framework.


Fiddling around with all the possible control schemes, and trying my best to get everything to work like it should, I eventually got what I *think* is a working setup going.

I have a choice between "True" two player controls, or "Faked".
True being, the "Choose your controllers" thing pops up, and you all select whatever you're using.
Fake being... It just assumes you're using the two main joycons, and doesn't bother to do the popup thing.

I've left it easily toggleable, and preset to Fake, so if anyone ever wants to play "properly", they can easily change that setting at the top of the code.

Today (with only a day and a half left to do it!!) I have to make a game for tomorrow.
I *think* I know what game to go for, but.. Will my new two player functionality work out!?!

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