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16th March 2020

This is the alarmingly over-simplified sprite tool that I've been using to do all my Petit Switch games.
Don't expect anything magical!!

If you've a Switch, and have downloaded SmileBASIC, you can grab a copy of the tool using the Public Key...



This is a VERY very very very barebones sprite editor.
I initially created this on day one/two of my Petit Switch adventure, and planned to update it with new features at a later date.
"For now" it would be a simple enough tool to get some very basic sprites drawn for AGameAWeek games.

It's now 43 weeks later, and I ain't done jack!!!

Plot pixels with A
Erase pixels with B
Pick colours with Y
Shoulders L and R move through the list of sprites.

Tapping the big palette will pick colours.

If you've a keyboard attached, C and V will copy and paste, and S will save.
Quitting will also request a save.

The tool ONLY deals with 16x16 pixel sprites, laid out horizontally, with 0 on the top left, 32 on the left of the second row, etc.

Anything coloured Magenta (255,0,255) will be saved with full transparency. Everything else will be full solid.

The single file that the program uses is "GRP:SPRITE_GAME"
It loads it from the current project when the program is run, and will save it back out when closing.

Things that this tool doesn't do.
1. Animations, although you can use the L+R shoulder buttons to flick through sprites and imagine it's animating!!
2. Boxes, Circles, Lines, etc. I just haven't felt the need, so never bothered to add them in.
3. Other files. Sprite_Game or nothing!!!

This is very limited, and not all that amazing.
But it's what I use, and it's what I've used for 43 games so far, so.. It isn't entirely useless!!
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