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Player Thoughts : Pixie Bubble
16th March 2020  
You can Play Pixie Bubble in the Browsercade, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet


I don't know what was the state of Pixie Bubble yesterday to get the doubt (''Finding the Game'') in yesterday's blog.


Up until yesterday, the yellow stars didn't exist, nor did the red/blue electric forcefield wall things.

Almost as soon as I added the stars, things felt more progressive, and then adding the blue electric wall thing brought everything together properly.

For a while, I was thinking of making the blue forcefield be able to zap the player, and have it so that you have to time your run between off-cycles.
When I tried that, though, and with the player sprite not being 1-to-1 controlled, it ended up a little bit too tricky.
As such, I decided Pixie should just be able to float right through.

Definitely that difficult balance between good and bad game, here.

Today I find the game to be a fun and challenging. If the bubble was any more faster than it might not be this enjoyable.

Yes, the speed of the game was one of this mornings last minute tweaks, along with making the bubble a little less floaty than it was, and even a teensy tiny bit smaller.
If you compare the game as it is, now, with the game you see in the YouTube footage, you might be able to see that it was a little bit harder to control.

View on YouTube

It was definitely a difficult balance to get "just right", but I think I more or less got it working well, in the end.

I initially struggled but got used to the fan's force on the bubble to get past 5K points. Then I found that there was a finish line to move to next level.

I wasn't sure whether to make it random, each time, or the same.
In the end, I opted for Random Paths, but.....
Maybe I should add a Mode B? I used to do lots of Easy/Normal/Hard, and I've hardly done any of those in the Browsercade.

Managed to reach level 3 with a max score of 12477 points.

I hear you hinting at Online Leaderboards...
I just haven't figured out a secure way to do them, yet.
It'll come, eventually!

Pixie flying animation with folded legs if very well done. Music also is very good to hear.

All in all, this week's game turned out nicely. It was definitely one of those "do or die" games, though, and could very easily have turned out bad.
I'm glad you enjoyed the result.

Thanks for the suggestion of a Bubble Ghost clone, Michael Fernie, even if I did go off the beaten track quite a bit!!

You can Play Pixie Bubble in the Browsercade, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet

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