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Striving On
  22nd March, 2020
Current Game Completion : 1%
Current time wasted playing Animal Crossing this weekend : 99%

I can see how this week is going to go...

Maybe I'll take a day off, this week?


The "Card/Board" thing didn't end up any more playable than Snakes and Ladders.. There's definitely an idea in there, but it's not quite fermented yet!
I'm thinking of something like "Heart = Extra Go, Spade = Weapon, Diamond = Shield, Club = Something else", but I'm not sure what the Something Else is, nor am I sure why the players have suddenly started collecting weapons and shields, since neither of those really fit into the game at all.


Instead, I started playing with ideas for Browsercade, and got a "Classic Windows Mystify Screensaver" thing going on, but... again, I'm not quite sure what to do with that, either.
I mean, it looks pretty, and I *think* there might be a game to be had, but.. Right now. No game. No idea!

Maybe I should see if I can sell both those ideas for some extra Nook Points?

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