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Nothing Happened
23rd March 2020  
Yesterday was a day of nothingness.


My mind kinda gave up, this weekend.
It's all but inevitable, given the news online and off, and the dire contents of my Twitter feed.
.. And that I spent way too much time playing Animal Crossing..

Between it all, AGameAWeek had no chance.

But I try not to fall into that habit.
My mind needs to stay busy in order not to fall into the horrible pit of depression that lies at the bottom of an incredibly shallow, easily accessible pool, before me.
I need to keep my mind off things, and I tend to do that with all of the content I generate.

So, more of doing things, and less of the "sitting, reading the news, retweeting the horrors" stuff.

With that in mind.. This week's plans :
1. Foldapuz. Gotta do that, today, so it's ready for tomorrow.
2. Petit Switch game of sorts. *shrugs*
3. I think I DO want to do something with that card/board concept.

I tweaked a few little bits in my head, during the fermentation process.
The spades are still daggers, the hearts are now lives, the diamonds are gems, and the clubs... I suppose could be "Have another go"..? For some reason that I can't quite put my finger on!!

But why would you need daggers and lives?
That bit, I still haven't quite figured out, but it's sounding a little bit RPG'ish, based on the above.

Fermentation continues..

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