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Time for Another Game!
24th March 2020  
OK, time to think of something for Petit Switch.
Get my head out of the horror-show that's currently clinging to everyone's minds, and try to focus on some gamey stuff.

But what game to do?


Here's a list of the different Tags that you can give to your games in Petit Switch..

Action - Done plenty of these
Shooting - Done a few of these
Roleplaying - Ain't done any of these!
Adventure - I think I've probably already tagged a couple of platformers as Adventure..
Simulation - I probably wouldn't ever use this one!! Not unless I do an 8-bit Codemasters style "Simulator".. Maybe "Advanced Snake-Eating-Pills Simulator"?
Fighting - I'm rubbish at animating fighters!
Puzzle - Did a couple of these
Race - Might be fun to do a 2 player thing with the joycons.. Hmmm..
Sports - I'm not an IRL sports fan, so I tend not to think much about sports games. What kind of Sport could I do!?
Card Game/Board Game - I'm doing enough of these, thanks!!
Quiz - I can't think of a good way to do this when most of the audience is Japanese, and I'd be writing the quiz in English!
Multiplayer - Already done one. Maybe it's time for another?
Toy-Con - The SmileBASIC language has all manner of commands for ToyCon support, but I've not made use of any of them. Hmm..

There's three tags for game theme, none of which I've used. Oops! SF, Horror and Fantasy

As well as the above, there are Tool, Drawing, Music, Manga and Novel, but those are less gamey and more "App for That!"

There are also a few "Tutorial" style tags that you can add. Learning, Programming, Freshman, Demo, and Advice, none of which really fit in with AGameAWeek's chaos. .. Also, nobody should ever take coding lessons from me. I have very very bad coding habits!!

.. I'm slightly tempted to make a "Box's Adventure" thing.
That was fun, but is very hard to get "just right".


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