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Breaking Out
25th March 2020  
The current Petit Switch game is nothing more than a generic Breakout clone.
I'm going to try to up it to Arkanoid status, and maybe add something new to the mix, but. .. Honestly, what new stuff can I add that hasn't been added 100 times before?!


I will, however, try to draw a whole bunch of little levels for the game. I've got the engine to grab from the sprite buffer, and it can easily handle 16x16 levels.. Although, if I'm honest, those get a bit cramped towards the bottom, so I might limit it to 16x12.

Today will mostly be spent either drawing little levels, or trying to get the ball collision to a high enough standard.. It's currently doing that "glitching through diagonals" that I can never quite get right.

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New games every week!
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