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Foldapuz - Clusters
  25th March, 2020
v1.73 - Added the Logic puzzle, Clusters

All five shapes at the bottom will fit into the spaces within the upper grid.
Simply fit them all in.

You can https://foldapuz.com/cUcUcUcUcUcUcUcU ">Print a page full of puzzles here, or if you'd prefer, Play them in your browser, here.


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What I Didn't Do

I COMPLETELY forgot to post about this!!

Having not done a main AGameAWeek, this week, my mind's not really been focusing on the things that it should've.
Although I made this game early on Monday, it's now Wednesday night, and I'm only just getting around to posting about it.

Silly me!!

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Foldapuz , Logic
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