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Heredos Suggests...
  3rd April, 2020
This is not really a game idea.
I've seen you're using petitcomputer 4 on nintendo swich.
Do you like the basic coding language?
If yes, you can also make mobile games (cuz your little games could really go on mobile) for android using Rfo basic and Rfo compiler (if you don't want to pay a compiler, you can just use rfo-quick apk).
Hope to see some mobiles games soon, heredos.

Honestly.. I'm DONE with Mobile.


Having to deal with different OSs, Linux and Mac when my main system is Windows.
Having to keep a hundred-or-so compilers up to date, constantly having to wait an hour or two whilst they do that.
Having to make a hundred-or-so icons of various sizes for the myriad of different devices that all have their own specific icon size.
Having to faff about with the upload techniques for the various stores, each one being uniquely annoying in its own special way.
Having to stop from screaming when Apple decides it's time to kill of a ton of my apps for literally no good reason.

I'm done.
I am NOT doing that, ANY MORE..

Instead, over the past year or so, I've been creating three new sites.
Browsercade, ShoeboxOfGames and SpikeDislike

All three of those run on (more or less) the same base engine, and all three have been designed with Mobile gaming in mind.
Visit the game in your devices browser, and then use the "Add to HomeScreen" function of your browser to get an icon on your main home screen. (As with all things mobile, functionality may vary)

The games have been designed to be SMALL (Less than 20Mb for all three sites) and will cache themselves into your system, entirely.
From that point on, you can turn off your mobile data/wifi, go outside (if you can go outside, that is!!) and continue to enjoy them.

If they have internet access, they'll check (upon startup) for any updates, but other than that, they won't nag, they won't use up your data, they don't push adverts in your face, they don't do any weird cookie tracking.
They're just games.

ShoeboxOfGames and SpikeDislike work best on mobile, since they work exclusively through touch/mouse control.
Browsercade kinda works, but you need to turn on Touch Controls (tap the little square thing in the bottom left of the menu) or alternatively try using a Gamepad (should work, though it depends on your device)

So, yes, I'm avoiding making mobile games, nowadays.
But, also yes, I'm making a LOT of mobile games, nowadays!

Do let me know how you get on with your device.
And enjoy the games.

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