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  4th April, 2020
Started the circular blaster last night, and ended up using the same shoot-em-up sprites that are already in the other shoot-em-up games in the Browsercade..


So far, the ship can spin around the planet, and first bullets.
I'm not entirely sure on the control scheme, though. I might have to play about to decide which of two options to go for.

As well as that, I need to start getting the enemies to spawn, too.
Finding the right balance will be key, here, since the game can VERY easily become too overwhelming to be playable.
I'll need to keep the baddies moving fast enough to dodge the bullets, but also slow enough that you can still hit them.

A curious dilemma!

Hopefully the game will end up nice and playable, but right now it's very much up in the air.

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